Our pal Matt McCormick is a film maker and tireless booster for underground film in Portland, Oregon. Through his Rodeo Film Company he has created such endearing documentaries as The Great Northwest, The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal and American Nutria (with narration by our own Calvin Johnson).

His latest project is Buzz One Four, a documentary about a little-known incident where a U.S. Air Force jet crashed in rural Maryland with two thermonuclear bombs (!!!!). A story that needs to be told, and one with special significance to Matt McCormick because the pilot was his grandfather, Major Thomas W. McCormick.

Matt is in the midst of producing Buzz One Four and is looking for crowd funding as a means to complete the project. Please view the above trailer and lend a hand so we can all see the complete story!

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Calvin Johnson, Tori Kudo, Los Angeles, Calif.


The Pink Elephant’s Gravecast is also available from Stitcher and iTunes.

This episode of the Pink Elephant’s Graveyard is an exploration of music discovered on a recent West Coast tour by the Hive Dwellers  (of which Calvin Johnson is a member, along with Ben Kapp and Gabriel Will). We follow the Hive Dwellers from Washington through California and back to Oregon. All of the recordings included here were acquired on the journey, or represent a path crossed with the particular artist featured, including local combos (Ings, Panduhs, Secret Cat, Bouquet), fellow touring troubadours (Devon Williams, Stephen Steinbrink, Tele Novella) and the musical sage encountered by chance somewhere along the way (Dean Wareham, White Rainbow, Maher Shalal Hash Baz).

The above photog shows Calvin with Tori Kudo just prior to a performance by Maher Shalal Hash Baz at Chin’s Push in Los Angeles. For more photogs and video documentation of this event go HERE.

Below are photogs of the featured artists and links to their recordings.

100_7438 for WeblogThe Panduhs (aka Kings of Rock’n’Roll)

100_8261 for Weblog

Gabriel Will!

100_8253 for Weblog100_8247 for Weblog
Secret Cat!

White Rainbow Thru cover

White Rainbow Thru U LP

100_8318 for Weblog

Gabriel and Ben of The Hive Dwellers with Wallace of Dream Boys in Los Angeles

100_8334 for Weblog

Carolyn of Bouquet, preparing to perform with Maher Shalal Hash Baz

100_8409 for Weblog

Nick Zwart (Electric Sunset), Ilya Mxx (Young Hunting) and Ben Kapp (the Hive Dwellers)

100_8291 crop for Weblog

Colleen Johnson

100_8285 for Weblog

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Whoa! What was that? Cat Witch! Coming to a closet near you…

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This episode of the Pink Elephant’s Graveyard is an exploration of music discovered on a recent West Coast tour by  the Hive Dwellers (of which Calvin Johnson is a member, along with Ben Kapp and Gabriel Will). We follow the Hive Dwellers from Washington through California and back to Oregon. All of these recordings were acquired on the journey, or represent a path crossed with the particular artist featured, including local combos (IngsPanduhs,Secret CatBouquet), fellow touring troubadours (Devon WilliamsStephen SteinbrinkTele Novella) and the chance musical sage encountered along the way (Dean WarehamWhite RainbowMaher Shalal Hash Baz).

Check out this episode!

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Questionwhat font was used to write the heading on the recently posted mecca normal images?? i'm very curious Answer

Arial, Bold. ;-)

Mecca Democ Now 2 460wipu132 for weblog

Recently the public radio series Democracy Now! ran an episode on Malachi Ritscher and his act of self-immolation, an anti-war statement of protest which inspired the Mecca Normal song “Malachi”. Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman conducted an in depth interview with Mecca Normal‘s Jean Smith and David Lester about Malachi Ritscher and about their work as an activist punk band. As part of the episode Mecca Normal perform “Malachi” and a new song, “Anguish/Misogyny” live on the show.

It’s exciting to see Mecca Normal in this setting, discussing topics like militarism, feminism and rock’n’roll with Amy Goodman. Two icons of the hard left meet and clearly have an instant bond. You can view the Malachi Ritscher / Mecca Normal episode of Democracy Now! HERE.

The Mecca Normal song “Malachi” was recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio by Calvin Johnson and released as Volume CXXXII in our International Pop International series. Recently they re-recorded an acoustic version of “Malachi” with Kramer sitting in; view a video of it at the Pink Elephant’s Graveyard. The new Mecca Normal album Empathy for the Evil (M’Lady’s Records) is available now from the K mail Order Dept.

Mecca Empathy cov 2014

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@arringtondedionyso's sweet Saint Laurent designed backpack with the new Catwitch Button

Ruby FrayTonight is the beginning of the Ruby Fray U.S. Tour in celebration of their new Grackle [KLP251] album, which K unleashed upon the world two weeks back. The tour starts in New Orleans, LA at Dragon’s Den and on through the south: Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina. Ruby Fray continue up the East Coast and then across the continent for a handful of choice West Coast dates, including Olympia, WA at the Guest House November 4. Check the K SHOWS page for a complete list of events.frontcoverrubyfraygrackle

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メッカ・ノーマル!MECCA NORMAL。狂った。

Everyone talks about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it – until now! Our favorite Drum-Buddy Maestro, Swamp-Tech enthusiast, mutated party activist, Ninth Ward drum corps. troop leader and New Orleans Katrina Relief volunteer Quintron has established a new service that offers a unique audio experience based on the ever-changing weather, Weather for the Blind.

Weather WarlockIt’s essentially a unique “website” that utilizes Quintron‘s new invention, the Weather Warlock, a base station equipped with weather sensors that detect temperature, wind, sun and rain and then interprets these signals through an all analog synthesizer. This  produces a wide range of tones and harmonics based around a consonant E major chord with special audio events occurring during sunrise and sunset. These emanations are streaming live over the World-Wide Web (for FREE!). You can check into it at weatherfortheblind.org/

In related news, Quintron has a new album out at the end of this month, Spellcaster II Death in Space, a co-release between Rhinestone Records and Pizza Burglar Records. You can pre-order Spellcaster II Death in Space HERE.

Furthermore, Miss Pussycat has an art show For When Goblins Sit Down in the back room of Siberia in New Orleans, LA October 25th with Milagros Art Collection (doing an installation in the mens room)! Special guest DJ Gris Gris will spin polka-dot dance magic from 6-9, Spirit Stick performance at 10pm and after party with Disco Nouveau till 2am.

And if you have nothing to do on All Hallow’s Eve (October 31!), you must attend the Quintron and Miss Pussycat Halloween Death in Space Celebratory Launch Party at One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans, LA (see below)!

Quintron MissPussycatHalloween2014

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On a sojourn to New York City in September, 2014 to make exhibition arrangements for his visual art Arrington de Dionyso found time for a few spontaneous get down sessions with the local weird-outs. Here is an improv performance with Arrington throat singing and playing bass clarinet accompanied by Elliott Sharp on guitar and Greg Saunier on drums.

Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa have three albums available from the K Mail Order Dept.


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