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The Maxines are going to rock so hard at Barboza tonight!  Go and bring your girlish/boyish good looks and show them a good time!

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The Maxines in MR&R! Dude, you guys are so punk.

The Maxines in MR&R! Dude, you guys are so punk.

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The Maxines - “Hang Around” from the Drugstore 7” EP.

Those raucous, rockin’ Maxines.  Catch this song as well as a bunch of others (by Tender Forever, Ruby Fray, Mirah, and a bunch more) on a streaming digital comp exclusive to our newsletter this week.  Sign up on the sidebar of our Tumblr page, our Facebook page, or on our K website!

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The Maxines-Drugstore from Peaker on Vimeo.

The Maxines performing “Drugstore” at the release show they played at the Midnight Sun here in Olympia for their new “Drugstore” single.  This is a great example of the Maxines’ unique brand blown-out buzzy garage pop, with both Matt and Kelly screaming over the messy cacophony of their instruments.

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And don’t forget to clap! 

The Maxines—-totally Amazing! This super-secret squirrel track "Honestly" is maybe my favorite of the year so far.  We’re releasing their first K 7”, Drugstore, to the public at the end of the month, but you, special loved person that you are, can get it from our S H O P  on Thursday.  

There’s only a limited batch of pressings, so don’t miss out!    

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Here’s the last Song of the Day for 2011… The Maxines rip yr face off with a cover of the Big Bopper’s “You Made a Monkey Out of Me”. This song was recorded during the same Dub Narcotic Studio session as three of the four songs on the upcoming Drugstore EP (IPU140), which will be released on January 24, 2012. If you wanna hear more, check out "Drugstore", Brenda Lee cover "Sweet Nothings", Planned Parenthood benefit track "Honestly", and blistering instrumental "Our Earth Name".

Oh, and curious about the original Bopper tune? Catch it here.

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Curious about new K band the Maxines? Talk a walk down to the “Drugstore” and see if they let you in the door.

The Maxines Drugstore 7” EP (IPU140) will be out late 2011 on K.

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