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Tara Jane ONeil - “Rainbow Connection” from "Sirena" b/w "Rainbow Connection" [IPU136]

Today is the release date for TJO’s new single!  TJ will be playing in NYC on Thursday and Friday (find the dates on our shows page); maybe if you’re lucky she’ll play these songs and make everyone swoon.  Find “Sirena” in the K Mail Order Dept.

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This week’s drawing for K’s TJO giveaway!  Congrats to Drew, this week’s winner.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

 "Sirena" comes out TODAY—pick up your own copy in the K Mail Order Dept.  

We’ll do another LP giveaway next week!


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The clouds are parting, spring is here, and I FINALLY get to play the new TJO single “Sirena"for you.  Take me underwater and sing to me this summer.  Tell me about mermaids. Tell me you agree that Tara Jane Oneil is full of magic.

Preorder the Sirena 7” from the shop and it comes with a free download of “Bee Leave” (a Cher cover, if you can believe it).  If you love the song, you can buy it as a single from us now, too. Because, well why not? (and we like it when people buy stuff from us, because it means we get to keep making records like this one).  

Happy Spring everyone! Let the hazy warm days of commence!

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Tara Jane ONeil - “Rainbow Connection”

Everytime I hear this song I think “Yes, I do still believe in magic.  I do.”  I become a six year old star gazer all over again.

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