I made a groovy poster for this show coming up next weekend. Saturday, May 31st at 9pm:::::

FATHER MURPHY (from Verona, Italy!)

Jen Grady (solo cello and electronics!)

Arrington de Dionyso and China Star- (Throatsinging, contrabass clarinet, and singing glass!)


  1. Camera: SEIKO EPSON CORP. WF-7510 Series

Northern was robbed!

Olympia’s all-ages gallery and performance space suffered grave loss to it’s sound system.

Read about it at our WEBLOG.

Donate to Northern PA Fund HERE.

  1. Camera: Kodak Easyshare Sport Camera, C123
  2. Aperture: f/4.5
  3. Exposure: 1/25th
  4. Focal Length: 6mm

The Northwest Folklife Festival is coordinating a series of short films called Northwest Stories about the many different cultural communities in the Northwest that are interwoven into the annual Northwest Folklife Festival (held every Memorial Day weekend at the Seattle Center). This episode, entitled Northwest Music & Arts, explores the underground music scene in Olympia and Seattle and it’s propensity to organize events accessible to audience members of all ages. Sweetness. Featured are Tender Foreverthe Hive Dwellers and Mariella Luz of the Olympia All Ages Project (she is also General Manager of K). This segment was produced by Doug Plummer.

Calvin Johnson narrates a video for a great cause!

This little visual aid is part of a Kickstarter campaign to help relocate Northern and The Olympia All Ages Project. CJ was kind enough to lend his voice - check it out!