Dream of the 90s is alive again!

In line with our previous Phono Safari of the same name, comes the CD Safari 10 Pak: Noisy Pop Rockin’ Debuts!, an extended edition of 10 compact discs (instead of 5 records) featuring bands like Wandering Lucy, whose drummer Fred Armisen went on to star on Portlandia and SNL; D+, the trio of K superstars Phil Elverum, Bret Lunsford and Karl Blau; Treepeople, the super rad punks that covered David Bowie; plus 7 other slammin’ groups!

This is surely a necessary collection for any nineties-aficionado. So put on your “fuzz” and lace up your “kickers” before you start looking like a “lamestain”.

The CD Safari 10 Pak: Noisy Pop Rockin’ Debuts! includes:

  1. Wandering Lucy Leap Year CD [KLP053]
  2. D+D+ CD [KLP072]
  3. Treepeople Guilt, Regret and Embarrassment CD [KLP069]
  4. Tender TrapFilm Molecules CD [KLP126]
  5. Jeremy Jay A Place Where We Could Go CD [KLP187]
  6. Gaze Mitsumeru CD [KLP080]
  7. Dub Narcotic Sound System Industrial Breakdown CD [KLP039]
  8. All Girl Summer Fun Band All Girl Summer Fun Band CD [KLP130]
  9. C.O.C.O. C.O.C.O. CD [KLP118]
  10. Wolf Colonel Vikings of Mint CD [KLP107]

Available now from the K Mail Order Dept.!

Music video for Heavenly's “She Says”, recently transferred from VHS!


Of course she has way more history than that…